— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let's get real

I've always been 'that girl' with those 'big dreams.' I'm certain a lot of people think I have my head in the clouds most of the time ( they're not wrong, it's so much better up there). But let me explain.

The reason I have such big dreams and goals is because as far back as I can remember, I was told I could BE and DO whatever I put my mind to. In theory, this is a great belief system to instill in your kids; but it can also have a negative side effect. With so much choice at our finger tips these days -not to mention societal expectations- simply DECIDING what to do has become harder than ever and often extremely daunting. Am I making the right decision? What will my future look like if I take a year off to travel? Will I make enough money to survive? Will I ever find what I love to do?

 I've asked myself these questions a 1000 times...

But at the heart of this creative journey lies a few deep seeded questions- how is it and why is it that some people achieve extraordinary heights in their lifetime (regardless of external forces), while other's lose their way- or worse... never find it?

Over the years something has become quite apparent. I believe we have many lost souls. Generations of people constantly searching outside of themselves for validation from the external world, leaving them feeling empty, alone and utterly confused about what they're truly meant to do. 

It's my hope that the stories, teachings and guidance provided from the guests on the show, offers insight into what next steps one should take to move forward on the path to self-actualization and finding out who you truly are, what you stand for and what you desire.

(Sidenote: It doesn't have to be one thing. I'm a self proclaimed multi-passionate individual!!)

A little personal context

I've was always a straight 'A' student, constant over-achiever, perfectionist, top athlete, professional extra-curricular aficionado and kid who could do no wrong in the eyes of adults. I graduated high school with more awards and accolades than I can even remember, and went on to finish university as an Academic All- Canadian and respected varsity athlete. The world was was mine to conquer and I expected excellence and success in return. From myself and the world. 

Then it was a Master's degree (check) and a successful career in journalism and producing (check). But at the end of it all, with all the "success" I had achieved, I didn't feel anything. Nothing. Strangers I met, friends of friends and those close to me were all impressed by what I had accomplished by 30. But all I felt was lost, confused and quite frankly, scared that maybe I had peaked already. I was burnt out and directionless before even getting started...

But how could this be? What was I striving for?

The only way I could figure this out was to remove myself from my current situation. If my career wasn't going to change, then I had to. I was the problem. And so I enrolled in a couple of business accelerator programs, worked on some ideas that I wanted to flush out and traveled to India for six weeks with a good friend. I needed to connect with what was important to me and figure out what that looked like again.

By taking a step back, I've got a clearer picture of where I'm headed- it's definitely not crystal clear yet; but the path looks vibrant and exciting.


This might be my story; but I know I'm not alone. 

I'm driven by a mission to help others get RE-INSPIRED + RE-CHARGED. There are so many amazing opportunities in this world and inspiring work being done, that it's about time we uncover them. It's a big place and this is a big task and I'm stoked you've chosen to come along for the ride.

I plan on shedding light on the stories of people breaking free from the rat race (this will look different for everyone), carving their own path and living authentically. It's never too late to go after what you want in life and you're never too old to take a leap of faith.

"Your big opportunity may be right where you are now!" - Napoleon Hill

Drown the Noise guests are disruptors, change makers, entrepreneurs + forward thinkers.

These individuals are everyday people doing extraordinary things- sometimes what they do may not even be considered popular by the masses. It's about staying real and true to oneself.


"Nothing ventured, nothing gained," - so why not try?

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