the art of crushing goals

Oh wow, this is a doozy for me.

It's something I have always done; but it's also an area of my life that brings constant frustration and disappointment at times. Not because I don't accomplish my goals; but more on a lack of appreciation when I do. Or celebration, for that matter.

Personally, I'm working on the skill of gratitude and I hope to be able to offer some helpful tips to help you crush AND appreciate the wins - both big and small.

We've all been there at the end of a year, upset that we didn't do something or crush a goal we were sure would happen. 

This is how it usually goes down for me at the start of a new year (I'm sure a few of you can relate). I'm happy, excited, energized by all the possibilities, confident in my ability to check most of my goals off and then...days pass, weeks and sometimes even months, and I forget what I had set out to accomplish. Or plain and simple, I lost clarity because I had so many goals.

More often than not, we feel overwhelmed with everything we haven't accomplished, instead of embracing what we have and being proud of ourselves. Instead we beat ourselves up.

But I have a secret that will change how you approach goal setting. And it comes down to one thing.

THE PLAN. Yes, that's right, in order to execute those goals you need a PLAN!!

You can't just say you want to lose 30 pounds. Your must ask yourself, how are you going to do that? You need to be able to break it down into actionable steps. Do you need to change your diet? Drink more water? Go to the gym 3 times a week for 45 min each or is it simply a matter of doing 30 min a day of HIIT workouts?

Everyone will have a different method of getting to the part where you can successfully check off your goal; but it all starts with a plan.

You can't just say you want to be the next big hockey star in the NHL or the #1 swimmer in the world. That takes years of dedication, practice, resilience, patience, preparation and so on. These people had a plan and stuck to it.



What goal do I want to crush?

What steps am I going to take to achieve this goal?

What's my end date? (always set this. it gives you something to strive for)

What daily actions do I need to take that will help me get closer to this goal?

How will I hold myself accountable? (find a friend to help you- it works like a charm)

Put your goal somewhere that you can see it, daily!!

Take Action!!


Whatever goal you are trying to accomplish, one must break it down into ACTIONABLE steps. I read this amazing book this year called The Slight Edge and it totally focused my mind. It's not a miracle worker, but it does offer perspective and clarity on how to dominate goals.

Check it out if you are feeling stuck or need help refocusing and get back on track. I HIGHLY recommend it.

So let's move forward with 2016 and be hopeful for a goal crushing 2017!

Set goals. Make a plan. Decide an end date. And get moving.

Because a dream is just a wish without a plan.

Spread love and kindness!

Andrea xx