explore for the soul


"You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to loose sight of the shore"

- Christopher Columbus


Just a little inspiration for today

This stands true for anything you do in life. If you feel like you are at a crossroad in your life or possibly just feeling unmotivated or stuck, get out and explore to gain clarity. 

I've always incorporated exploration into my life. Whether it be exploring a new city for the best damn coffee shop a girl can find (& croissant) or getting out in nature for a hike with friends or in solitude. These are just some of the simplest ways you can explore your own surroundings. 

My suggestion would be that instead of going to the same place you always do for lunch, why not go exploring in another area of your neighbourhood and find a new hot spot...it just might surprise and delight you.

Often times we get stuck in the same routine and then we feel like the world around us is speeding by. Although this is often the case (because we live in a fast-paced world), this feeling can be attributed to doing the same things day-in and day-out, and failing to shake things up.

I know that when I get into a routine, it can be a good and bad thing. Sure it adds structure and stability to your life; but exploration can be the cure (you didn't know existed) to a lot of your problems.

Helpful Benefits : Exploration

  • Expands your imagination
  • Offers clarity when you feel overwhelmed
  • Can lead you to something or someone wonderful
  • Provides a break from the mundane
  • Keeps you on your toes
  • Gives you more to talk about with others
  • Can turn you into an expert (if you constantly explore your own city/surroundings) you may just become the go-to person
  • Will definitely give you new perspective
  • Opens up new cultures 
  • Brings new meaning and value to your life
  • Is guaranteed to put a smile on your face
  • Calmness and peace (if in nature or exploring alone)
  • Pumps up the adrenaline (depending on where you are and what you are doing)
  • Makes you a more interesting person

So get out there and explore. What are you waiting for?

Let me know where you go and what you encounter. I love new suggestions of places to go and check out :)

Happy holidays!!

Andrea xx