feeling overwhelmed?

With so many things in our world stimulating us by the minute, it's almost impossible not to feel overwhelmed.

This feeling can be utterly debilitating at times, and we all know it's capable of putting our brains in overdrive. 

Some questions I battle with on the daily: 

  • Do I have enough time for that? 
  • Will it make me money? 
  • Is that a good decision or bad decision? 
  • Am I smart enough to even tackle that problem? 
  • Who am I to think I can do that?
  • Etc (the list is too long, I'd be here all day)

But don't fret.

There are some simple ways to overcome this feeling and help you re-group and focus your attention on things you can control, versus that which you can't control.



Start this practice right away. I can tell you from experience that it has saved my life. If you are anything like me, and you have a 1001 things running through your brain at any given moment, this will help you focus and relax. A lot of people shy away from meditation because they think that it is really hard. And I presume if you were told to meditate for an hour straight your first time out, then yes, it would be really hard. But I suggest you incorporate a practice into your morning routine. I'm a huge fan of waking up and doing a 20 minute, guided meditation. This could be on how to reduce stress, anxiety, manifest abundance, etc. You name it, someone has probably created a meditation for that exact problem you want to address. Check out www.headspace.com to find some great meditation options or my favourite, Deepak Chopra and Oprah have various meditation practices you can check out.


Get up and get active. Whenever the feeling starts to creep up on you, get your body moving. It will release amazing endorphins, that will change your mindset and give your brain a break from the thousand of ideas that are giving you anxiety. You don't need to run a marathon or anything; but you should look at giving yourself 15-30 min of some type of movement. Whether that be a walk, jog, yoga practice (highly recommend if you are looking for some mental and physical stimulation) or high intensity workout. Move that body and free that mind. You'll thank yourself later.


Sometimes it's the simplest of changes that can make all the difference. This doesn't imply that you have to pick up your life and move to a different city or continent (although, I know that may sound enticing). What it really means is that it is so easy for us to fall into "typical" routines, where everything seems the same on a daily basis. This reality has the ability to make us feel depressed, stuck or overwhelmed. But there's an easy fix. Try changing things up. Head to a coffee shop or park to do some work. Go for a walk on your lunch break and walk in a different direction than you would normally. Take a different drive to work one day, instead of the straight highway driving. You'd be surprised how much of a difference this can make in your life and your mindset.


I recently read an awesome email from a podcaster by the name of John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur On Fire). He said, it's cool to live in the clouds for about 5 minutes each day. That's where we write and think about our BIG goals for our life and our huge vision for our success. But don't spend anymore time there. You need to be in the "dirt" as he said, where you are taking actionable steps towards these big goals. They may not seem glamorous and we might not like everything we have to do in the dirt; but it's exactly the thing that will propel us forward with our dreams. So get to it and stop focusing on the unknown, because you can't control that stuff. Focus on the little things and you'll see a huge change.


I'm not sure you saw this video that went viral not too long ago. It talked about an amazing new "drug" that was curing people of depression, disease and other ailments. Well, it was about NATURE. And it's so true. Just getting outside and going for a walk in a forest, or hike or sitting by water is an awesome natural cure for a lot of issues and pain points in our lives. Often we think that we need to do something drastic to feel recharged or back on track, when really, our answer is all around us. We just need to embrace tranquility and mother nature to feel at peace again. Give it a shot.

Let me know if you try any of these suggestions and if they help!

"Sometimes you need to stop thinking so much and go where your heart takes you!"