how to set and accomplish your goals in 2017


If you're like me, then you were probably glad to see 2016 go. Peace out.

But in all honesty, as hard as 2016 was for a lot of people (including myself), I learned tons of valuable lessons. At the start of each year, we have a tradition in my house where a few of us get together and review the goals we set the year before. Not only do we cheers to the ones we accomplished; but we also celebrate the ones we may have let fall to the way side. Fact be told, everything you do in life is a learning experience. (but I know, you know that)

The new year is a chance to reflect and evaluate what you did do, maybe question why you forgot about some goals (hint: these may not have been truly aligned with your higher purpose from the very beginning) and allow you to think about other things that happened in your life that you are proud of that you may not have written down.

For me, just launching Drown the Noise and putting it out to the world, was a huge goal of mine. In all honesty, it basically took from when I got back from India in February 2016 until November 2016 to launch it. Long, I know.

I stumbled a lot.

I constantly questioned what I was doing? Was it going to make an impact? Who would listen? How would I support this creative endeavour? What would people think? Would it be successful? Where would it take me?

Do you notice a pattern?

A lot of the questions I had were doubt and fear. They were also focused on the future - something neither I, nor you can predict. But we always seem to complicate situations thanks to this forward thinking mentality. 

And thoughts like these can be deadly. They are powerful enough to stop you in your tracks and eventually leave you with regret.

So our group made a resolution, with the hope of accomplishing our goals and holding each other accountable. And I believe if you follow these suggestions, you will also accomplish whatever you set out to do this year.


1. Write out FIVE goals

This is a key learning. The years before I had upwards of 20 goals that I wanted to accomplish. Can you just imagine my disappointment when I opened the envelop the following year, to find out that I really only accomplished 2-3 of them. I never looked at them. Completely forgot about most of them and found myself more depressed at the beginning of the next year, rather than jazzed to start fresh or keep going. Simply put, there was no focus and too many thing to accomplish. I'd like to think I'm Wonder Woman; but I think that dream will have to be saved for another lifetime. So pick a small number of goals.

2. Have an accountability buddy

Wow, I wish I had put this into practice years ago. Honestly, it's like having a coach in your corner. You discuss your goals with each other every month and talk about what is working and what isn't. Maybe you haven't been focusing on one of your goals at all. That's the moment when you really need to re-evaluate. Do you want that goal to happen? What is your WHY for accomplishing that goal? Are you doing it for you or for someone else? Dig deep, guys.

3. Remember the compound effect

Some goals can be accomplished quickly. But more often than not, the goals we set out to accomplish each year are big and will take time. We can't just expect that losing 40 pounds will happen over night. And we won't become Prime Minister of Canada just by saying it out loud. Goals need to be carefully tended to. You need to realize that to accomplish a big goal, it will take time and consistent effort. This is not a get-rich quick scheme. You need to remember that it's a long game. So patience is the key. And keep going. If you keep thinking about it, then that's a good thing.

4. Break down your goals into daily/weekly/monthly steps

In order to accomplish anything, we need a plan. Maybe you're one of those people who wants to write a book, has no idea what to write about, and ten days later you have it done. (Let me know if you are one of these people, cause that's amazing). But for most of us, this isn't the case. You need to take that goal - eating healthy- and breakdown how you are going to do that. A) eliminate all junk from house -check. B) 

5. Celebrate the small wins

Do you have high expectations of others? If so, you DEFINITELY have high expectations of yourself. And that can be very draining. It's always great to check off a goal in it's entirety; but the big lessons come from the journey. When you've stuck with something and made progress for 3 months - celebrate. Take yourself on a date. Give yourself a gift. Meditate and thank the universe, or thank someone else around you that's been helping you and motivating you to accomplish this goal. Whatever it is, don't leave the celebration to the very end. Because if you're anything like me, you've probably set a new goal already.

Now go out there, and crush it. If you're feeling like you need to categorize those goals, by all means. We also did that - health, relationships, work, play, etc.

And let me know how it goes in the comments below. I'm here cheering you on.