pause and reflect

pause and reflect.png

After watching this video (I promise, only 3 min of your life) by motivational speaker and philosopher, Jay Shetty, I wanted to shout "hell ya" out the window because his message hit home for me.

He quotes the Dalai Lama at the beginning saying "we have wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We have taller buildings, but shorter tempers." I am constantly wondering how we got so disconnected from one another and are less engaged with each other even when we are together. We care more about our individualistic needs, how many "likes" we get on social media and what the world can do for us, instead of thinking about what we can do for the world. 

I'm not sure how I am this way, but I'd say I'm a mixture of a pragmatist and idealist. I have big visions and dreams, but am also conscious of where our world is headed and how we need to take practical steps- NOW- to improve it. Technology brings about great things- but I think it's up to the individual to know when to use it and when to shut it down.

It's up to each and everyone of us to make a change and improve the state of our world, so we can survive as a species for years to come. 

Take time to pause and reflect- offline.

xx Andrea