EP (8) Kevin Rempel: The importance of resilience when life knocks you down & why you need to get back up


You know those days when you just feel like giving up on life, because everything is so damn hard?

Maybe life keeps throwing curve balls at you, and you have no more energy to give?

Or so you think...

Well, now try and imagine being told by doctors that you are paralyzed from the chest down and will probably never walk again...

That's part of Kevin's story - a story of resilience, bravery and victory.

Rest assured, after you hear my latest interview with Paralympic athlete, motivational speaker and author, Kevin Rempel, you'll have all the strength you need to keep pressing forward.

Because as Kevin says in his new book, Still Standing: When you have every reason to give up, keep going:

Life isn't fair. It never is, never has been and never will be. 

And he knows a lot about getting knocked down. Hell, even I'm not sure I'd get back up after suffering as much pain and heartache that Kevin has had to endure. And I consider myself to be fairly strong.

His story is a true testament to the strength of one's mind and determination to succeed, even when all the cards are stacked against you. 

There will always be hard moments where we think we can't go on. But it's in those moments that our true character is built.

We talk about everything from wanting to be a professional motocross rider, to the emotional turmoil he endured after his dad's hunting accident and then subsequently having to re-learn how to walk again at 23 after his own career-ending crash.

And that's not all.

Kevin is real, honest and says it like it is. He doesn't sugarcoat what he's been through, or hide his own struggles with depression as an athlete and entrepreneur; instead, his story simply proves that you can turn your life's tragedies into a legacy you can be proud of if you never give up.

It's all a choice.

Some Questions I asked:

  • Who were you before becoming a Paralympian, author and entrepreneur? What passions drove you?
  • You talked about how you knew something wasn't right the day of your life-changing crash - what was going through your mind then? Why do you think you didn't listen to your intuition?
  • When you were told that you probably wouldn't walk again, why do you think you didn't just give up?
  • How did naivety serve you?
  • How were you able to get to a point of forgiveness after your dad's suicide?
  • What was your greatest take-away or life lesson from being a part of such a high level sports team?
  • And so much more...

What You'll Learn:

  • The value of a morning routine
  • Why fears and doubts are necessary to getting to where you want to be
  • The importance of being your own biggest fan
  • The one word Kevin feels can be attributed to his success
  • Why it's time for you to go out and get a journal
  • It's OK being uncomfortable
  • How to get out of a slump when you feel like the world is against you
  • The value of starting at square one again
  • And a lot more

Other Links:

Check out the Sledge Hockey Experience (link below) to see how your company can take part!

Check out the Sledge Hockey Experience (link below) to see how your company can take part!

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Edited by: James Findlay