EP (11) Emile Studham: How one Aussie's vision of physical health turned into a movement that's set to change the game

Co-Founders of XMovement (formerly Aussie X) Emile Studham (Centre) and Kaela Bree (Right) on Dragon's Den, CBC 

Co-Founders of XMovement (formerly Aussie X) Emile Studham (Centre) and Kaela Bree (Right) on Dragon's Den, CBC 

What does teaching, the movie Magic Mike and reality TV have in common?

That's a question only Emile Studham of XMovement can answer and he doesn't hold back anything in our very raw and authentic interview about his personal journey and how he came to star in his own music video.

X Movement began as a dream (like a lot of successful businesses do) when Emile was living in Canada back in 2003 and in their first year, they brought Australian sports to about 11,000 kids in eight months.

But that doesn't mean it's been a clear path to success.

There's been starts and stops. The addition of a Co-founder. Outside investors. A lot of changes to programming and products. And all the highs and lows that go with being an entrepreneur.

At first, his love for physical education and Australian sports- like cricket & Aussie Rules- provided him an a-ha moment while living in Toronto the first time around. Enough to make him want to travel across the city by TTC with a massive hockey bag slung over his shoulder, with one mission - - incorporating Australian sports into Canadian schools.

That was just the beginning.

Aussie X, as the company was originally known, has now morphed into something much bigger and inspiring, thanks to the collaboration with his Co-Founder (Kaela Bree), who he credits a lot to helping shape the vision and direction of the company.

Emile teaching Aussie Rules skills in Kenya to students

Emile teaching Aussie Rules skills in Kenya to students

Together they have expanded their offerings to provide not just in-school physical activity programs; but also mindfulness programs that build life skills and help create a positive school culture.

They've also set their sights on the corporate arena with a new arm of the company, called XPerformance- which you'll gain more insight into throughout this compelling episode.

Care to know what a LIFE ENERGIZED means?

If you really look closely, overnight successes took a long time
— steve jobs

Be sure to get settled, because this journey is full of highs and lows, the value of teamwork and self-awareness, lots of laughs and a deep dive into what it really takes to take an idea and turn it into something that has an impressive impact on generations to come.

They're changing the game, folks. And it's exciting.


  • Where does the nickname Dragon come from?
  • Who was Emile before starting X Movement
  • How did you come up with the idea for Aussie X -  motivation behind it?
  • Everyone always sees success; but what's the real story? How hard has it been?
  • Any advice for people working with a Co-founder? How do you make the relationship work?
  • What's the difference between Aussie X and X Movement? How has the company evolved over the years
  • So much more...


  • Why listening is your greatest asset in business
  • Why there are no home runs in business
  • Tips on how to grow your business with the 'right language'
  • The reason why everyone should "have a go" without judgement and try new things in life
  • How Mother Teresa's wisdom impacted the way Emile thinks about life
  • Why it's so powerful to learn how to ask for help
  • How X Movement is expanding into the corporate culture space and their plans to bridge the gaps between generations
  • What a Life Energized actually means
  • The law of 'opposisity' - a new word and way of thinking, according to Emile
  • The importance of training the brain
  • Realizing the 80% vs. 20% rules in business and how to keep going
  • The Hat Trick take-aways
  • And lots more...




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