EP (6) Sunny Lenarduzzi: From relatively unknown in the digital media space, to 'overnight' YouTube guru for branding and business

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny Lenarduzzi

We've all heard about something going "viral" on the internet, right?!

However, you most likely haven't experienced that phenomenon yourself, since there's just so much content being thrown at us on the daily, that it's REALLY hard to stand out.

So just imagine Sunny's surprise, when she made a basic looking YouTube video tutorial with her webcam on "How to use Periscope", with the intention of it only being seen by her clients.

But the universe had a different plan AND it went viral overnight.

The reaction to that video was incredible and it was only then, that Sunny realized she was onto something.

A year later, and Sunny Lenarduzzi has become a household name to anyone that wants to grow their YouTube channel, learn about social media and how best to use each platform for business.

She's been touted as one to watch in Forbes and talked about in The Huffington Post, as well as been asked to speak at conferences around the world and even at NATO's headquarters in Brussels.

All thanks to that one video she created on a little known platform called YouTube. You can check out her awesome channel if you want to learn more and grow your business.

For personal reasons, I found this interview to be extremely helpful regarding where I want to take some video marketing ideas and I'm certain, Sunny's insights and expertise will be extremely helpful to all of you looking to grow your business or personal brand.

She's so relatable, extremely personable and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to growing online communities, social media followings and building authenticity.

Forget all those online tutorials where the publishers are just talking heads. Everything Sunny puts out is full of so much value.

But let's get real for a second. It wasn't always this easy for Sunny. She didn't just become an overnight success, as a lot of articles would have you believe.

There were many years where Sunny was plugging away at her business, by herself, determined to make it work. 

She even worked five jobs at one point in her life and was unsure how she would pay the bills.

You won't want to miss the reasoning Sunny credits for her business taking off. It's a decision that I know a lot of entrepreneurs grapple with - more so, the when do I take that step - and the answer to that, and so much more, can be found in this interview.

In addition to her original course, "Recording for Revenue", Sunny just re-launched her latest online courses, known as Boss Video Branding. So if you're looking for that edge in video marketing and want to take your business to a whole other level, be sure to check it out.

Let me know what you think in iTunes and below. Be sure to leave a comment and get in touch with Sunny and myself.


  • What's your morning routine like?
  • How do you manage to get so much done and keep a balanced lifestyle?
  • How did you get into this line of work - what did this journey look like?
  • When did you know that you weren't living your life's purpose? What was that transition like for you?
  • Biggest hurdles you've faced on this journey so far?
  • How did you pick yourself back up when you hit a wall?
  • What do you credit as the game changer to your business and all the success you've achieved?
  • And so much more...


  • The secret weapon that Sunny says made all the difference in her business
  • How YouTube changed her life and how it can change yours, too
  • How she managed to get Applebee's Restaurant live stream to 1 billion views in 12 hrs
  • How she attracted her newest business partner and creating an online course in three months
  • Why it's important to seek out people with similar values to work with, and how you need to find others that compliment your strengths
  • Why Sunny believes in taking a leap of faith and her philosophy on this in the entrepreneurial world
  • The importance of ignoring "shiny objects" and learning to say NO more than YES
  • Why ignorance can be better than knowing too much and how that can serve you in business and life
  • Sunny's top five video marketing trends and how they are used
  • Why you NEED to get on the Snapchat band wagon and how it's different than Instagram stories
  • Lots more...but you'll have to listen





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