EP (23) Peter Joynt: From living with a speech impediment, to using his love for music and positivity to inspire others

This interview's different, guys. And I mean different in a great way.

As soon as we started chatting (even though it was one of my very next questions) Peter openly discussed the fact that he has a speech impediment.

He's a stutterer. And has been since about the age of five.

But what's amazing about Peter, is that he embraces this difference and whole-heartedly feels that it is a strength of his. He even goes so far as to say that if there was a magic pill that could rid him of his stutter, he wouldn't take it.

That's huge. Most people struggle with being different.

What many would perceive as a setback, Peter has owned and it's this resilience that has given him the confidence to tackle anything in life. When you listen to his story, you will understand how strong his inner strength and determination is.

He's also kind of a mini-celebrity, in his own right. In 2011, he wrote a song called Capcity - about Ottawa, Canada's capital city- and the love he has for it. All of his rap songs are about positivity and kindness. And well, that song went viral.

From that moment on, his life just hasn't been the same.

But let's get something straight here. Peter is definitely not an overnight success. He's like many other creatives, who've been working away at their passion for years before anyone took notice.

Because of that one song, he's had so many amazing opportunities, from working with the Ottawa Senators, to performing for the Governor General of Canada and being asked to be a tour member for the #NoMoreBullies tour, hosted by a local radio station in Ottawa.


Peter is a class act and a true inspiration to many. And the work he has been doing in his community, has not only impacted hundreds of kids and changed many lives (hint: emotional story on the podcast); but he's a living example that kindness and generosity can take you far in this world.

As Michelle Obama says, "when they go low, we go high." And Peter's done just that!



  • How long have you lived with your stutter?
  • How did it affect you growing up?
  • Were you bullied a lot in school and how did you deal with it?
  • When did you get interested in music? And more specifically rapping?
  • Where does your inspiration for your songs come from?
  • How do you balance a full time career in communications, your speaking engagements and producing?
  • Where does the strong resilience stem from?
  • What's been your experience trying to build your musical career? Was there a moment when you finally felt content with what you were creating?
  • What's been the biggest high of your career so far and how has it changed you?
  • How do you drown out the noise in your life?
  • And lots more


  • Why he decided to quit speech therapy at a young age
  • How the Mayor of Ottawa helped send his song viral
  • How resilience comes from two places
  • What type of music he was into before finding rap
  • How he embraced being the funny guy in order to get by as a kid and why that decision has helped him in life
  • Why people with stutters are great a music and speaking with accents
  • Why he believes kindness will get you far
  • Peter's golden rule
  • One of his proudest moments
  • And so much more



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Edited by: James Nicholson