EP (24) Lauren Berger: How 15 internships opened the door to book deals and a company that helps young people land their dream job


What is an "Intern Queen" anyways and how does a person end up with that label?

Well, long story short - if you do more than fifteen internships in your lifetime, then you may be able to de-thrown Lauren Berger.

Back when she was in University, Lauren wanted to get some real life, hands on experience in the workforce. But when she spoke with a career counsellor at her school, they simply said that she was a freshman, which meant she didn't stand a chance getting a position and that it would be best to wait until she was a senior.

This was not the answer Lauren was looking for. Nor was it the advice she would follow.

Instead, she took it upon herself to apply to the companies of her choosing, and would consistently follow up with their HR recruiters. By no means was this a genius move; but it's a skill that a lot of people take for granted and never use. According to Lauren, the art of following up is what helped her land these dream internships at major PR agencies and communication companies.

And a lot of hustle.

At the time, it wasn't her resume or even her skills that got her in the door. It was her ability to show potential employers that she was eager and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

She quickly learned she didn't want to be a movie trailer editor or work for a large corporation. But she did learn how to network like a boss, release her own fear of failure and always put the ask out there; because you just never know what will come back to you.

After a couple brief stints of working for others, Lauren decided that there was a need for someone to create a company to help young people- like her- land their dream jobs. And so, The Intern Queen was born in 2009. She also runs the big-sister site, and oversees the IQ Campus Marketing Agency that connects brands with an ambitious network of young people.

Not to mention she's also a published author - twice over.

There really isn't anything this lady can't do!


  • Why did you decide to do 15 internships?
  • What was your favourite?
  • Why do you think employers were willing to take a chance on you?
  • What does your company do? What services do you provide to young people?
  • The biggest take-away you got from all those internships?
  • How come you decided to start your company, instead of moving up the corporate ladder?
  • What does success look like to you?
  • What was it like in the early stages of building out your community and following?
  • How can young people make themselves stand out?
  • What is your business model? How do you turn a profit?
  • And so much more


  • Why it's so important to put the "ask" out there
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of having a remote team vs. an in-house team
  • How to be scrappy when you're the only employee at the beginning
  • How Lauren stays productive
  • Her three tips to making a name for yourself
  • Why getting media attention is only a sliver of the pie
  • A day in Lauren's life
  • How not to glamourize entrepreneurship - just because other's are doing it, doesn't necessarily mean it's right for you
  • And lots more


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Edited by: James Nicholson