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EP (31) Kit & J.R: Seeking new meaning to work and play, while finding balance with their idle theory

J.R & Kit - Idle Theory Bus

J.R & Kit - Idle Theory Bus

"You're only as young as the last time you changed your mind" - Timothy Leary 

It's been almost five years, since Kit and J.R quit their jobs, sold off all their belongings and set out on the open road in their orange VW van named Sunshine.

It wasn't easy. They had to learn how to share and adapt to their close living quarters. Their families thought they were insane for wanting to uproot their lives. And a lot of their friends couldn't quite understand their objective.

They weren't entirely sure what they were looking for; but they certainly knew there had to be a better way to live. So they set out to redefine the conventional definitions of work and play and their relationships to them.

As they state on their blog, Idle Theory Bus, they created a new normal for themselves and a new hypothesis:

There are three divisions of time

1. Idle - time spent doing nothing

2. Work - time spent on survival

3. Leisure - time spent pursuing passions

And they believe, "the modern person defines themselves by their work-related achievements. They devote the majority of their time to work, ignoring or neglecting both leisure and idleness. This leaves us imbalanced or unfulfilled."

There's a lot of truth to this.

From their experience and observations, modern society and the people that live within it, greatly over-value work. Kit and J.R have made it their personal mission to work on finding balance between the mind, body and spirit. And they're loving life along the way.

It's extremely inspiring to see how you can carve a new path and create a new normal for yourself, if you're willing to venture out of your comfort zone.

They've ventured across the U.S working on farms as seasonal help, piecing together temporary gigs to help them survive and honing in on their artistic abilities. They really have offered a new perspective on how you can survive with close to nothing, and yet have all you need and more.

Most recently, they wrote a book and launched it out into the world called Orange Is Optimism (be sure to grab a copy!! it's awesome) which is a blend between a novel and a photobook. Or as they call it, a pictotext. 

Photo by: J.R - Sunshine

Photo by: J.R - Sunshine

Photo by: J.R - Kit lying on rocks

Photo by: J.R - Kit lying on rocks


  • Where did this idea come from? Who was the instigator?
  • What were you both doing before you set out on the road?
  • How did your parents take the news?
  • Why did you feel it was important to re-evaluate our relationship and definition of work and play?
  • How enlightening has this journey been for the two of you?
  • What's been the biggest challenge?
  • Do you think you'll ever be able to re-integrate back into society, 
  • What's the biggest lesson you've learned so far?
  • How have you been able to financially support yourselves for all these years?
  • How do you plan your journey?
  • And so much more...


  • Their refined definition of work and play
  • How they've been able to cultivate a balanced life
  • What they do every evening before bed and how it's changed their outlook on life
  • How they've been able to create 'alone time' in a space that would be considered small by most people's standards
  • Why they decided to write a book
  • How they've managed to amass a huge social media follow - both on FB and Instagram with little wifi
  • The importance of being a good listener and how to do that
  • And lots more!!


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Edited by: James Nicholson